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Carmen Culotta, PhD

Associate Consultant
510-898-2192 x103

PhD, Developmental Psychology, Pennsylvania State University

MS, Developmental Psychology, Pennsylvania State University

BS, Psychology, University of New Orleans


Carmen Culotta is a psychologist with a background in developmental psychology who taught psychology for many years at Wright State University before turning her talents to litigation research and consulting. She has focused much of her research on exploring implicit bias. Carmen has given presentations around the country on the practical implications of her research, including to the Ohio Collaborative Community-Police Advisory Board, to develop practical strategies for police officers to overcome implicit bias. Carmen also serves as a guardian ad litem.

Carmen has over a decade of experience in the collection and analysis of social science data. Her background as both a researcher/professor and community liaison give her the unique ability to use social science data to provide meaningful strategies and insights to a variety of audiences.

Skills Summary

  • Statistical analysis, strike profiling and jury selection analysis
  • Content analysis of jury research data
  • Qualitative interviewing
  • Expert in implicit bias
  • Expert in decision-making