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Case Consultations

While jury or other litigation research is the most reliable way to test your case, research is expensive and demands a lot of your time. Not all cases merit such a big investment.

While every case is unique, each also has elements common to its case type and general trial storytelling and persuasion challenges.

We have worked on hundreds of trials across a wide range of case types and draw on that experience to jump into your case feet first, engage with key evidence, and quickly help you cut to the heart of both your and your opponent’s case stories.

Usually by the time trial comes knocking, you are immersed in details and the history of pre-trial battles that cloud your vision of what jurors or judge will experience at trial. We help you see clearly and focus on the trial story best positioned to win decision-makers to your side.

We craft each case consultation to your specific needs, including your budget. We prefer to agree on a scope of work and charge a flat fee based on that scope, which allows you to pick up the phone or email as needed without worrying further about costs, but we can also work on an hourly basis.

Typically, one consultant is assigned to your case. He or she first discusses the case briefly with you to get your take on the overall trial story and bad facts. In a civil case, the consultant then reads key case documents (which might include meditation briefs, MSJs, depo summaries of key witnesses, and key documents) and begins developing themes and questions for you to address. In a criminal case, your consultant will interview you about the case as well as review key investigative interviews or reports and evidence.

Usually, the consultant then schedules a working meeting of 2 to 4 hours to develop case themes and trial strategy and to further plan the case consultation, and drafts a case memo that summarizes the analysis of the case. Depending on the complexity of your case issues, we may go through this process one or two more times as we move toward trial.

Additional work depends on your specific needs. We usually develop a jury-selection strategy, and we may also develop a voir dire script and share our proprietary voir dire coaching materials with you. We often work with key witnesses or help you develop outlines for witness prep and trial testimony. We usually make recommendations about trial graphics and may review or assist with crafting your opening statement and closing argument.

Case consultations are one of the most cost-effective ways to take advantage of our experience and skills.

… thank you for the excellent advice and guidance you have provided in a number of high exposure cases over the past several years. My clients and I have benefitted from an array of your services — ranging from mock trials to strategies for closing argument in a multi-month trial. What I have found uniquely beneficial is the depth of what you bring to a case and your unflinching commitment to calling it as you see it for the betterment of the case and its presentation … “

— Rick Linkert, Partner, Matheny Sears Linkert & Jaime