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Sarah is speaking about sex assault cases on Dec. 9th @ the Association of Defense Counsel’s annual meeting


Michael Skrzypek

Trial Presentation Director (aka Hotseat Operator)

Trial Presentation Director (aka Hotseat Operator)

BA, Political Science/Government, Evergreen State College


Michael has over 15 years of experience serving as a litigation support technician to help attorneys win in the courtroom (with a success rate of over 70%). He offers trial attorneys the peace of mind that comes with knowing their documents, demonstratives, and video will be quickly available and glitch-free at trial, as needed.

His publications include How to Create a Winning Trial Database for California Lawyer.

His favorite moment so far as a trial technician was serving Ted Olson when he gave his closing argument in support of legalizing gay marriage in California (Perry et al. v Schwarzenegger).