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Dressing For Success

An important part of persuasion is you as an advocate – how do you come across to others? Are you credible? Do you seem competent? Do you seem confident in your case? And of course, do you look the part? Do you look professional? Do you look good? Do you come across as confident in YOURSELF?

Women face particular challenges in the courtroom with regards to dress and image because of the cacophony of conflicting messages about how women should look, dress and be that circulate in our culture. (There are conflicting messages about how men should be too, but not so much about how professional men should dress and look.) You know that if you are a female attorney and you also know that if you are a male attorney mentoring female attorneys.

As I tell women in my coaching and training program Female Figure of Justice, powerful performance comes from the inside out. The same is true of crafting your image. It’s not just about knowing what colors work best for your skin or having the right pair of shoes. It’s about having a clear sense of who you are and what you want to project in the courtroom or boardroom.

I have a colleague who has spent the last twenty years helping professional women create their own personal brand and an image to match. You end with a closet full of clothes that you feel great and powerful wearing, ready to work, but that’s the end result of a journey to figure out your own style which reaps rewards beyond what hangs in your closet. You end up more comfortable in your skin and confident about your persona and style. She calls her business “Success thru Style.” She has an upcoming live event January 25th – 27th in Gettysburg, PA, the Success Thru Style Summit.

I know Cyndy from a business Mastermind and coaching program that I’m a part of so I’ve heard and seen her in action in business environments and I know she’s the real deal. If you are a mentor to female attorneys who would benefit from Cyndy’s work, or if you are one yourself, I encourage you to get a ticket to her event – or even better, get two or three and send a group of colleagues. That would be most impactful, as they learn together and support each other after the event as they implement what they learned.

Just to be clear, I don’t get a penny from this. I am letting folks know about Cyndy and her work because one of the most popular parts of the pilot Female Figure of Justice workshops I’ve done have been the image consulting presentations, and because on a regular basis, female attorneys come to me and ask for advice about wardrobe and image. I can and do give advice from my knowledge base as a social scientist and expert in persuasion and performance, but I can’t do what Cyndy does. I am sharing this information because I care about your success, and the success of those you mentor.

Great athletes have coaches, personal trainers, and all kinds of other folks who help them consistently reach peak performance. Lawyers still seem to feel that you have to do it all alone and it’s embarrassing to ask for help or admit that you don’t know something. Maybe that’s the difference between being seen as a dumb athlete versus being a straight A student who felt you always had to get the right answer. But hey, there’s a reason they have coaches – it helps them be better at what they do and increase their impact and income. So take advantage of this special offer. Cyndy is implementing a plan to expand the scale of her business and you are never again going to get so much Cyndy for such a low price.

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