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Sarah is speaking about sex assault cases on Dec. 9th @ the Association of Defense Counsel’s annual meeting


Rob Marshall (book by Bob Fosse)

chicago movie cover

In Chicago, Renee Zellweger (Roxie Hart) and Catherine Zeta-Jones (Velma Kelly) play women accused of murder. Roxie kills her boyfriend when he jilts her and refuses to make her a star, and Velma killed her husband and sister when she caught the two in bed together. With the help of celebrity lawyer and first-class spin artist Billy Flynn (Richard Gere), they seek sympathy, fame, and a reprieve from the death penalty. The movie is glitzy, campy, and wonderful — and dramatizes the importance of putting the right context to your facts for trial. If the jury feels as emotionally connected to a defendant as the public did toward Roxie and Velma, they might just become her champion. Take note!