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Sarah is speaking about sex assault cases on Dec. 9th @ the Association of Defense Counsel’s annual meeting


To Win

Ready to win?

Trial success comes from being prepared. There are many levels of preparation and we can help you with all of them – understanding your case, understanding your jury pool, readying your witnesses and readying your trial team. Hear Trialcraft Principal Sarah Murray talk about some of the ways in which Trialcraft gets you ready to win.

Consulting Services


Litigation Research

We bring over 80 years of experience to crafting litigation research for jury trials, bench trials, and ADR.

witnesses being prepped

Witness Prep

We help turn your worst witnesses into your case winners — both fact and expert witnesses, for deposition, trial, and ADR.


Trial Graphics

Effective visual communication is essential in trial, but your graphics must flow with your trial story to make a difference.

empty jury seats

Voir Dire & Jury Selection

We ask the right questions — and coach you to do the same, using our proprietary trial-tested method: Voir Dire Savoir Faire.

case consultations

Case Consultations

Leverage our years of trial and research experience to help craft your trial story from all angles, at a fraction of the cost of a mock trial.


Trialcraft Milestones

Trialcraft experts offer almost 75 years of combined courtroom-honed trial expertise.









Female Figure Of Justice

Consciously or unconsciously, every lawyer answers this question: How Do I Embody Justice? Though men have historically been public advocates for justice, the figure that rules over courthouses is a woman. The FFJ program explores why western culture has embodied justice as female — and provides coaching / training to carry female attorneys to the next level of success.